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Credential Verification   Any ID card found that does NOT match this list contact 985-892-2065. Updated 03/13/2024


Brandon Stein, Fire Chief

Sue Ellen Stewart, Administrative Assistant

Eric Givens, Chief of Operations


Governing Board

Michael Anderson,  Chairman

Sandra Slifer, Co-Chairwoman

Stephen Saussy, Member

Brandon  Brener, Member

Jeff King, Member

Paid Staff                                           

Captain Earl Hotard  

Captain Daniel Fuselier

Captain Martin Krey, Inspector

Operator Barry Smith, Inspector

Operator Michael Taylor, Inspector

Operator Daniel Fortun

Operator Aaron Sallean

Operator Ethan Rudiger

Operator Dominick Jochum

Firefighter Mason Krey

Part Time Staff

Eric McCray

Chad Triche

Jeremy Yanez

Corey Price

Greg Charrier

Conner Watters

Joe Ball

Alexander Rodriguez

Kyle Carter

Cameron Waguespack


David Grey

Candi Holmquist

John Dillion

Clarence Williams

Chris Calderone

Craig Crockett

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