Chief's Corner


First I'd like to introduce myself to all the residents of St. Tammany Fire District 8 (Ward 10).   My name is Brandon C. Stein and I became the Interim Fire Chief of St. Tammany Fire District #8 in March of 2019. I was born in Madisonville, La.  My start in the Fire Service began when I was born, being from a family of firefighters. From the time I was able to walk I could be found occasionally riding in a fire truck in Madisonville, with my father who was a member of the Madisonville Volunteer Fire Dept.  Later my father would go on to serve as Fire Chief of that Department.  My uncle was also a member of that department and eventually held the Chiefs Position until his retirement 2 years ago.  Growing up I was always involved with the Fire Dept, whether it be just hanging around, or sneaking on the trucks to go to calls with the guys.  I became an “official” member of the Madisonville Volunteer Fire Dept. on September 12, 2000, which was only a few days after turning the legal age that was required. I went on to work part-time at Fire District #2 (Madisonville).  My Uncle was the Fire Chief at the time.  Make no mistake, I had to earn my place and prove myself.  My first assignment was to paint all the fire hydrants, simple sounding, not at the least when the Fire Chief is a stickler for perfection.  That is when I realized that giving anything less than my best would be a disservice to the public. 

          At the time I was a part-time employee at Fire District 2,  there were only 3 paid firemen, 1 Fire Chief and about 15 volunteers.  I knew that I wanted a career in the fire service.  I began learning everything that I could and attending any training that was offered.  In conversation one day, I was told by an older gentlemen that I should pursue just that, but that I should also explore other options in order to really determine if that was where I belonged.  After thinking it through, my only other interest was law enforcement, so  I applied for a job at the St. Tammany Sheriffs office and was hired as a Corrections Officer.  I worked there for almost two years, but often thought about my career in the fire service and that being my ultimate goal. 


            I moved to Abita Springs in April of 2003.  I was employed by The Sheriffs Office full time,  and doing construction work in my spare time.  I decided to volunteer at Fire District #8 since I lived in the area, I figured I could be some help to them as they were a small department.  I was quickly welcomed aboard.  In May of 2003, I was offered a part-time position with the high probability of becoming full-time at Fire District #8.  I quickly accepted the position.   On January 3, 2004, after countless hours of consideration and analization I determined that I would begin preparation to pursue a career in the fire service.  That exact evening,  I was contacted by the Fire Chief of Fire District #8 and offered a full-time position.  Without hesitation I accepted.  He asked when I would be available to start,  I simply replied “tomorrow”.  He said, “see you at 7 a.m..  That was my proof that I belonged in the fire service.   I immediately contacted my supervisors at the Sheriffs Office and made them aware of the situation.  They fully supported my decision and allowed me to serve my last two weeks on Vacation. 


            I began my career on January 4, 2004 at Fire District #8.  Lord willing, I will complete my career here as well (when the time comes).  I have watched this department grow into what it is today.  It has not been easy, but the personnel both past and present have been resilient and determined to always move forward and better ourselves for the sake of our customers (residents).  Since assuming the duties of Fire Chief of District 8 in March 2019, our Firefighters, Board, Administrative Assistant, and I have strived to continue to provide excellent service and fiscal responsibility, as well as take the Department to new levels in the areas of customer service, training, and finance management.   We have also searched for ways in which we could further serve the residents of District 8.  It is my personal goal, as well as all personnel of Fire District #8 to continue to serve our residents in any way possible, and do so in the safest and most cost-efficient and cost-effective ways.  It is one of my main priorities to further build relationships with our public, and raise the awareness within our citizens, about Fire District #8 and all aspects of our job.  No less important is my focus on further training our personnel in every aspect of our job while incorporating new techniques and procedures.  We will take a systematic approach when addressing all of our current and future goals.  We will ensure financial responsibility when it comes to the tax dollars paid by our citizens.   I look forward to the tasks that I have been afforded by the Fire District #8 board of commissioners, as well as working with all personnel of the organization to advance Fire District #8 in the years to come, with the ultimate goal being perfection in every aspect.


            Thank you for your interest and support of St. Tammany Fire District #8.  Join us on Facebook for updates on our daily activities as well as a little bit of insight on what we do.  Also view regularly, our webpage at,, for updates, upcoming events, meeting minutes, financial statements etc.  We welcome station visits as well as attendance at our monthly meetings.


                                                                                                                              Thank you

                                                                                                                                    Brandon C. Stein

                                                                                                                                     Interim Fire Chief